While officially trained as a health care professional, I have had the chance to work with numerous technologies to deliver study guides and tools. The founding principle of Study Buffalo was to develop and share tools to help other students. After graduation, the focus expanded to include practice tools for the health care professionals of Canada.


Wherever possible, I try to provide my resources under an open source license. I typically do try to choose licenses that require derivative resources to be licensed under an equally permissive license, so please confirm that the license is appropriate for your project. If you need an alternative license, I am happy to discuss it on a case-by-case basis.

Implementation & Consultations

While I am not formally trained, I have learned to use various technologies to develop the Study Buffalo tools, including:

I am available to use my experience in health care technology to help facilitate the development of other resources or the implementation of any of the Study Buffalo tools in a professional environment. Systems using any of the above technologies are preferred, but not required.


If you wish to discuss licensing, consultations, or service implementation, please feel free to reach me via the contact page.